Landscaping that stands the test of time 

Since 2010, Vividgreen has curated exquisite private and commercial gardens for a discerning Australian market. Offering professional landscape architecture, construction and ongoing horticultural services, Vividgreen facilitate a seamless realisation of a distinctive landscape vision.

Drawing on extensive in-house expertise and trusted partnerships, Vividgreen collaborates with partners in architecture, project management, structural landscape construction, and horticulture to deliver exceptional landscape projects. 

Founded by Tom Fritsch, a registered building practitioner, master landscaper, innovator and visioner of detailed landscape conceptions. Fritsch has become a renowned name in Melbourne, celebrated for his distinctive designs and unparalleled craftsmanship across construction projects. With a commitment to creating garden designs that not only meet individual lifestyle needs and desires but also synchronise seamlessly with the existing environment, Fritsch sets a standard of excellence in the industry with unique, timeless and beautifully crafted results.

A collection of industry professionals recognised and celebrated for delivering some of Melbourne’s most distinguished gardens.