Vividgreen works closely with clients, architects & consultants to deliver timeless, functional landscape and garden designs for everyday use.

Vividgreen is a multi-disciplinary landscape architecture studio that delivers creativity, innovation and professional experience to the approach of any project. Our vision strongly emphasises intricate details and features, enduring finishes, functionality and implementation of outstanding plant life. We strive to deliver unique, one-of-a-kind landscapes with a timeless and lasting impression.

Design Process


On-site introduction, site evaluation, discussion of landscape opportunities and client expectations. Proposal for initial conceptual documentation works provided on review.


Client briefing with conceptual documentation provided in plan form or visual renderings depending on client preference. Presentation of conceptual ideas to client, with one variation to documentation upon client evaluation.


These works include evaluation of detailed design intentions and initial project cost estimates, to further work through feasibility of conceptual idea.


Refinement of all proposed ideas, with full documentation to include essential details for construction purposes, such as detailed elevations, Hardscape and pool construction details, drainage arrangement, irrigation, lighting plans & finalisation of materials & planting intentions.

Design Services

Design & construction consulting

Through years of experience within the landscape industry, we can assist to evaluate site conditions, design intentions and construction feasibility for on ground, green roof & balcony site conditions.

Landscape Documentation

Our extensive knowledge and experience in structural and soft landscaping elements ensures unparalleled service that delivers architecturally inspired landscapes.

Green Roof & Balcony

Vividgreen is a pioneer and innovator when it comes to incorporating greenery to the built form. Our in depth understanding of green roof requirements and consulting partners ensures all aspects are considered when planning such a delicate installation.


We prioritise feature pools in any landscape and assist with documentation of design intentions, aesthetics, arrangement,dimensioning to suit the project and ultimately aiding contractor costing, tender assessment and appointment of works.


A sustainable & water conscious garden requires an adequate watering, zoning and operation design to ensure plants are achieving their preferable water application & requirements. Our Irrigation documentation ensures these requirements are considered and implemented.


Our lighting design and documentation ensures you get the most out of your landscape throughout all hours and seasons of the year, with high level consideration given to specification of suitable accent garden lighting and practically placed lighting solutions throughout your project.

Visual Renderings

Let us provide you with modelling and accurate visualisation renderings of your project, to further help evaluate project intentions and assist and convey the potential of your future Landscape.


We can't help but want to deliver the dream, let us assist with the outdoor furniture, custom pieces, garden, water feature ornaments & planters.

Tom Fritsch

Managing & Creative Director 

The driving force behind Vividgreen, Tom Fritsch is an experienced professional renowned for his passion and expertise in landscape garden design. Tom has been a VBA-registered building practitioner since 2019 and is recognised as a master landscaper within the Landscape Industry Association of Victoria. His commitment to excellence shines through in every facet of design execution and project delivery.

Rachel Gan

Senior Landscape Architect

Rachel brings her professional expertise and detail-oriented approach to Vividgreen. Appreciating the aesthetic qualities of plant life, Rachel has a deep understanding of the colour, tone, and texture of botanical interplay and how they can be integrated into a project to contribute to the visual impact of landscape design.

Early planning is vital in achieving the perfect balance of plants and landscaping in new builds. Our team expertly guides clients through the process, developing a harmonious outdoor sanctuary that resonates with their lifestyles and aspirations.