With construction Industry experience and expertise, we manage & construct landscapes in their built form, from site evaluation and set out to finishing and handover of your project.

Our Construction services are a continuation of our commitment to delivering conceptualised planning to reality. With careful attention to detail, exceptional skillsets and industry knowledge, our professionally trained and qualified teams tirelessly work from start to finish to deliver an outstanding level of quality and craftsmanship across all projects undertaken.

Construction Process

Contract of works
Signing of agreed quotation and building contract by builder and client where required. Scheduling of works. 

Site Establishment
Thorough evaluation and set out of proposed works and site conditions prior to commencement. Setup of ongoing site-specific requirements, permits and waste fees where required.  

Necessary earthworks to make way for landscape drainage, foundations, slabs, and walls. 

Place and finishing of all structural footings, slabs, and walls. 

Trenching and installation of essential sub-surface, wall and hard surface drainage. 

Hardscape finishes
Professional application of specified structures, surface finishes to floors, walls, fencing, gates & decks. 

Garden & non-structural elements
Supply and installation of garden ornaments, structures, water features, lighting and irrigation systems. 

Garden area preparation and application of specific soil types. Procurement and installation of trees, shrubs, grasses, climbers, and ground covers plants as specified in landscape documentation.  

Practical completion & Handover
Cleaning and finalisation of the finishing touches to your new landscape, accompanied by a client walk through on completion.

Construction Services

Project Management

Vividgreen’s landscape construction services include comprehensive project management and expertise across the lifecycle of a project. From site establishment to practical completion, our qualified landscape professionals manage and deliver landscapes projects from start to finish.

Structural Landscaping

Our experienced structural landscaping team deliver quality workmanship across all areas of hard surface installations, predominantly through the use of natural stone, concrete, walling materials, timber and metalwork.


An often overlooked necessity for a successful landscaped garden is drainage. All sites have varying degrees of permeability, some have very little. We install sub surface drainage for ongoing plant and lawn health and ensure hard surface areas and walls capture and disperse excess water to existing stormwater discharge points or rain gardens.

Architectural Garden Elements

We excel at delivering challenging and custom one off installations, from finished concrete details, to the most detailed paving execution; they will ensure the highest quality of workmanship is achieved.

Non-Structural Landscaping

The exciting and final portion of work that really brings the project to life, these services include soil works, planting procurement and installation, and natural, synthetic, and permeable surface areas.

Automated irrigation Systems

We take pride in delivering quality and water-sensitive irrigation solutions to gardens and lawn areas. All are operated by tried and tested automation controllers with weather forecasting & network connection capabilities for remote operation anywhere, anytime.

Accent Garden Lighting

Professional low-voltage garden lighting installers, ensure your garden lighting intentions are considered early in the construction phase and incorporated into any structural elements from the get-go. All specified lighting elements are carefully installed and connected with quality insulated cabling, soldering and heat shrink encapsulation of joins for ongoing protection from the elements.

Advances Tree & Palm transplantation

We believe the addition of advanced trees and palms significantly and instantly improve any landscape. Not only are they a real feature that provides impact, they also provide overhead interest & shading benefits to cool the garden area and create a more inviting environment for everyday use. Along with plant-specific requirements such as drainage, soil type, and irrigation, we can assist with Australia-wide procurement, logistics to site & crane operations prior to placement and installation of materials.

Green roof and balcony planters

With an in-depth understanding of green roof applications, structural arrangements, drainage, soil types, materials and suitable planting selections, Vividgreen is a leader in green roof design and implementation and can confidently assist in delivering a sustainable approach to applying plant life to buildings and structures.

Elevated work

Our staff maintain the relevant working at heights training and elevated work platform licensing to aid with safe and effective installation of greenery to built structures, balcony and rooftop situations.

Mark Hayford-Hobbs

Landscape Construction Manager

Mark's attention to detail in landscaping is unparalleled. He specialises in natural stone paving and complex concrete installations, showcasing expertise and craftsmanship that stands as a benchmark within the industry.

Luke Peynenborg

Qualified Landscaper

Luke embodies a blend of passion and professionalism, always ensuring the pinnacle of quality in his work. Currently, he's refining his expertise in natural stone work and paving, setting new standards for precision and finesse.

Will Dunlop

Qualified Landscaper

With an extensive background in landscaping, Will has mastered a diverse range of landscape installations. His unwavering dedication and professional approach make him an invaluable asset to the company, delivering each project with impeccable standards.

Mitch Tsaparis

Qualified Landscaper

Mitch, the team's quiet achiever, consistently displays hard work and skill across all landscaping domains. He's particularly adept with excavator and front-end loader operations, continuing to raise the bar with his dedication and proficiency.

Our construction teams are trained and certified structural landscape specialists, who take pride in their work and relish in the detail. These tradesmen possess a wealth of skills, knowledge and years of experience delivering complex projects across Melbourne, start to finish.

With attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship, we offer professional landscape services for bringing your garden to life.