Horticulture services

Enduring landscapes require ongoing care and maintenance for longevity, vitality, and continued success. Our horticultural professionals possess a wealth of landscape management expertise to ensure your investment only gets better with age.

Greener Maintenance provides ongoing professional horticultural support and services to ensure your investment in your property yields the best results possible. To achieve a truly great outcome with your newly landscaped garden, it takes time to establish, continue to nurture, and pay careful attention to the health of the garden.

When an adequate care and maintenance plan is implemented well, the garden will only get better with age. From lawn care to formative pruning, our ongoing maintenance services provide a wealth of knowledge and understanding of all areas of Horticulture and professional garden care servicing.

Horticulture Services

Scheduled Garden Maintenance

Ensure your newly landscaped garden is adequately maintained and get the best results for years to come with ongoing scheduled servicing by our qualified horticulture team.

Lawn Care & Installation

Lawn areas require by far the most attention, Greener Maintenance takes pride in delivering pristine lawns through a well-managed, systematic approach to frequency of mowing, line trimming, fertilising and pesticide applications according to seasonal requirements and the varying varieties of lawns applied.

Plant Health Management

All living organisms are susceptible to pests and disease. Greener Maintenance can assist you by maintaining and managing your garden with regular inspections and the application of essential remedies, pesticides and herbicides to ensure optimal growth, visual outcomes, and overall garden health.

Tree management

Larger established or significant trees require specialist attention from time to time, especially in densely populated urban and community gardens. Through cooperation with our collaborative partners in the industry, we help to implement a safe and effective approach to arborist pruning and removal services.

Pruning and hedging

Established gardens require careful attention throughout the seasons. Our services provide a practical approach to managing and controlling the growth of trees, hedges and understory planting, whilst adhering to species-specific requirements. Our team offer formative pruning, hedging, and general pruning excellence to ensure the garden's intended shape and form.

Irrigation management, maintenance & installation

Our team of horticultural professionals understand plants and their requirements for optimal health throughout the seasons. Let Greener Maintenance manage watering requirements for best results and efficient water application to your garden.

Paving Pressure Cleaning

We understand structural hard surfaces need some ongoing attention. Greener Maintenance provides general pressure cleaning options through to mechanical cleaning and sealing of surfaces for long-lasting results.

Garden Renovation

Gardens are constantly evolving and sometimes they need a bit of a refresh. Our team of qualified professionals are more than happy to assist with garden improvements and small garden renovations.

Josh Sedgewick

Maintenance operations manager. Landscape construction & Horticulture.

Nick Donnell

Horticulture, Nursery production and procurement.

Nick Donnell

Horticulture and landscape maintenance.

Careful attention and ongoing maintenance is key to ensuring the ongoing success and health of your landscape investment.